WOODS - Brand redesign project

Style: corporate portraits
‍Artistic photography direction: Benedicte Brocard & Davina Tahraoui-Woods LLP
As part of the rebranding of Cabinet Woods, we came up with a completely new, more modern, more human look for the firm's member portraits. The aim was to create portraits with a strong visual impact, respecting the new brand image while faithfully reflecting the personality of each individual.
After in-depth reflection on the brand image and a series of preliminary tests in the studio, we were able to work with the firm's marketing team to come up with a precise artistic direction.
Woods is one of Canada's leading litigation, arbitration and insolvency boutiques, recognized nationally and internationally for its expertise and success.
Branding agency: AIRAAWEBagency: OKAM
Montreal, Canada
Assistant : Béatrice Léveillé
MUA: Marie-Josée Galibert
Retouches: Béatrice Léveillé