• Bénédicte Brocard

    I am Bénédicte, a professional photographer based in Montreal, Quebec and available worldwide. I chose this profession out of passion, as a result of my life's journey. Photography was first a passion and a hobby. Family photos, travel photos, all personal projects that have taken an increasing place in my life, until I decided to make it a profession. A second wind in a career that I had focused differently. A decade after taking this turn, I am fully fulfilled. Day after day, I savour the opportunity that this profession gives me to express my epicurean philosophy of life.
    Through photography, I express myself and tell the stories of others, inspired by a great desire for authenticity. My joie de vivre and the pleasure I have every day in contemplating the beauty of the moment feed each other and are reflected in my work. This approach leads me to collaborate with people who are like me. For more than ten years, I have pursued my quest for sincerity through a professional approach that reflects my values. I have made a name for myself as a portrait photographer, but I am equally at home in commercial, editorial and reportage photography.

  • Portraits

    When you entrust me with a mandate, or when I embark on a personal project, I devote all my energy to it. Whether it's an advertisement for your company, a series of images to illustrate a press article or a report, I do my utmost to put my artistic orientation at the service of the subject. Surrounded by a great team, I provide a complete service from concept development to visual creation. If aesthetics are essential, the quality of a photo also depends on its effectiveness in conveying a message, an emotion. The energy that the photo conveys, the composition that it proposes to the eye of the person who receives it are all factors that make a good photo and elements to which I pay great attention.
    I am a member of l'Archipel, a photo studio located in Montreal's Mile-End, which I occupy with other men and women who are passionate about the image. An inviting place where creativity and sharing are a priority. L'Archipel is also the space where I exhibit some of my personal projects, of which you will find examples in these pages with Car Crush, Rencontre bénies, L'intelligente indifférence, Seconde Nature and Ferry Tale.

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