• Portraits

    Being a portrait photographer means encountering the other person, being curious about who they are, appreciating the diversity of physicality and personality, and drawing inspiration from it.
    In my everyday life, I approach things as a portraitist and journalist. I love to listen to people’s stories and tell them through images. The images that capture the best of them, and their truth as well. The faces, stories, and accomplishments of others are an inspiration to me. Humanity inspires me.
    Other issues, like entrepreneurship and women’s place in society, have also shaped my photography. From portraiture to reporting, corporate and editorial photography has been dominant in my career as a photographer and is still the largest share of my work.
    There is no magic formula for creating a portrait. Experience has taught me that the subject’s beauty, what makes them photogenic, lies in their confidence. 

  • Portraits

    When I meet with someone for a portrait, I’m immediately sensitive to their energy and the confidence they project.
    Part of my work is in revealing that energy and that beauty, which we all possess. But not everyone feels at ease right away during a portrait session. It’s sincerity that counts. I love human contact. I connect with and take a sincere interest in my model. I reassure them, if they need that, by doing a few tests. We talk about what’s on the screen, so we can defuse their unease in front of the lens. Connection, and humour, often win out over this temporary unease. I do things seriously without taking myself seriously, always with the aim of getting the best possible image.

  • Pauline Marois - former Prime Minister of Quebec
  • Géraldine Martin- President and CEO of Evol
  • Anne Eschapasse- President and CEO of the McCord Museum
  • Luc Plamondon - Canadian Producer and Lyricist
  • Isabelle Hudon - Former Canadian Ambassador to France
  • Christiane Germain - Co-president and co-founder of Groupe Germain Hôtels
  • Christophe
  • Daniel Lavoie - Canadian Singer-Songwriter
  • Caroline Codsi - President and Founder of the NPO La gouvernance au féminin (Women in governance)
  • Nancy Trites Botkin - Co-Founder and President, Think8 Systems
  • Françoise Bertrand - Former President and General Manager of the Fédération des
    chambres de commerce du Québec
  • An Verhulst-Santos- President and CEO, L'Oréal Canada
  • Michèle Boisvert - Delegate General of Quebec in France
  • Marisa Murray- Founder, President and CEO of Leaderley International Inc.
  • Annick Guérard - President and CEO of Transat
  • Maud Cohen, Polytechnique Montreal
    Maud Cohen- First woman to head Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal
  • François Olivier - President and Chief Executive Officer, TC Transcontinental
  • Rana Ghorayeb- President and CEO, Otéra Capital (CDPQ subsidiary)
  • Daniele Henkel - writer, speaker and businesswoman
  • Graziella Battista -chef and owner of Graziella
  • Suzanne Guèvremont- Government Film Commissioner and Chair of the National Film Board of Canada
  • Mitsou Gélinas - Canadian host, businesswoman, singer and actress
  • Nathalie Bondil -
    Director of the Museum and Exhibition Department of the Arab World Institute, Paris
  • Coeur de Pirate - Canadian Singer-Songwriter and Pianist
  • Gérald Fillion - economic journalist
  • Valérie Plante - Mayor of Montreal
  • Masami Waki - Pastry Chef
  • Mélanie Lussier- President and CEO of Aero Montreal


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